The Celebration of the Spring

Spring celebrates all the life that winter has kept dormant, giving to it the energy to be reborn into a new cycle. After stillness, the earth is open, the sun looks brighter, and green begins to fill everything. The days lengthen and the time of year associated with fertility, love and joy begins, while the flowers fill the world with their colors.

The Spring Symposium has always taken place in spring, this time of fertility and joy, awakening and blooming. And this year, after a very long winter, the idea of celebration is more important than ever. We will honor, therefore, this spring with a joint celebration that revitalizes joy, potency and the possibility of rebirth.

With a community spirit we will surrender to the language of all the arts, to revitalize bodies, cultivate the seeds left by those who are no longer there and embrace the continuity of life.

We therefore invite you to open your heart, put on colorful party clothes to celebrate next spring with us. As this haiku of Bashô says: 

In this warm spring rain

tiny leaves are sprouting

from the eggplant seed.


Spring too, very soon!

they are setting the scene for it

plum tree and moon.


Martí Codolar or the Granja Vieja is an oasis of nature in the city of Barcelona. Located on the Collserola mountain, its training rooms offer magnificent panoramic views of the city of Barcelona, bathed by the sea.

For the moments of rest and festivities, Martí Codolar offers us its beautiful, spacious and inspiring gardens, where we can walk among the statues of satirists and nymphs, under the shade of lime and mulberry trees, where the modernist artist Santiago Rusiñol created some of his paintings.

The space also houses us with a comfortable and austere Salesian hotel in the same enclosure. Place of retreat and conventions, which keeps one of its plants entirely for us.


We will start each day with poetry and community art; there will be workshops, conferences, excursion and many moments of celebration!



In this workshop Judith and Keshet will work with photography, painting and the body to create a space wherein we can appreciate the unfolding of our individual process, acknowledge it and celebrate it.  A playful deformation, letting the new emerge. 

Teachers:  Judith Alalú / Keshet Zur, B.A.M.A.

Judith Alalú Langnas

Judith Alalú Langnas

Co-founder of TAE Peru institute. Phd candidate in expressive arts therapy at the European Graduate School. Faculty member at EGS. Graduated in clinical psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Therapist and supervisor of expressive arts, and member of the Peruvian Association of Expressive Arts (APDARE). She is co-author of the painting and poetry book Vital Exodus, and coauthor of the book «Dolor y belleza».

Keshet Zur, B.A. M.A.

Keshet Zur, B.A. M.A.

Co-founder and co director of Expressive Arts Ireland. Keshet has a fine art background and a degree in Photography and Media, she works in private practice in Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin and facilitates workshops and education programs with Expressive Arts Ireland.  Her practice is trauma informed and person-cantered. Registered member of The Irish Association of Creative Art Therapist and The European Federation of Art Therapy. 

Rebirth: From silence to movement giving words to the transformation

In the workshop we will explore, through movement and poetry, the transition experienced between the difficulties we have gone through during the pandemic (and the multiple crises we face) and the possibilities that are opening up now. Finding words through your body and dance, they will create new stories about lives awakened in the time of spring.

Teachers: José Miguel Calderon MSc, Phd / Hjørdis Mair

José Miguel Calderon MSc, Phd

José Miguel Calderon MSc, Phd

Co-founder of TAE Peru/ Barcelona Institute. Director of the PhD program in Expressive Arts of the European Graduate School, Switzerland.  Therapist and expressive arts supervisor. His interest is focused on Arts Based  Research and on the exploration of movement and creative writing.

Hjørdis Mair

Hjørdis Mair

Co-founder and  leader of the Institute InArtes Zurich/Switzerland,MA, CAGS/EGS, Expressive Art therapist. With a background as a pedagog she works with children with mentally challenged parents/Kinderproject Barca. As a poet she  focusses on finding words in wordless times through expressive experiences to reinforce resilience.

Life and love

Life sprouts, love sprouts. To love is to resurrect, writes Dulce María Loynaz.

We will connect with our loves, with our love stories through the arts.

Act of celebration, of gratitude, and also of resignification. A reconciliation with my own history. 

Embracing life in all its complexity, like a rose with its thorns.

Teachers: Mónica Sorín / Anna Buxaderas

Life music: Marta Canellas 

Mónica Sorín

Mónica Sorín

She has a PhD in Psychology, psychodramatist, teacher and researcher. She has taught courses and workshops in universities and institutions in fifteen countries in Europe and America. Her teaching style is characterized by integrating theoretical questioning with experiential, corporal and psychodramatic work. Apart from numerous articles and chapters in collective books, she has published eight books. She has written two plays, both performed (Teatro Guiñol Nacional and Teatro Estudio, in Havana). She directs the Master of Transdisciplinary Art Therapy and Human Development, initially at ISPA and currently at the Institute of Transdisciplinary Art Therapy of Barcelona (IATBA)

Anna Buxaderas

Anna Buxaderas

Is founder and Director of IATBA since 2014. Currently she co-direct the Institute together with Marta Canellas. She is Psychologist and art-therapist, professor and supervisor of the Master Program of Art-therapy of IATBA. Founder and Director of “El Duende”, magazine specialized in Art-therapy since 2002. Actress of the company of Playback Theatre l’Andante. Professionally she has worked since 2002 in several vulnerable collective through expressive arts and psychology. Nowadays she centers her work in private clinical practice and in the field of creativity pedagogy with children. Eternal student she studies piano, painting and performance arts.

Marta Canellas Crusellas

Marta Canellas Crusellas

Expressive arts therapist and director of IATBA. Bachelor of arts in Pedagogy of Music and Movement by the Vienna University of Music. She works as a therapist, supervisor and teacher at IATBA, in addition to offering workshops to bring music and the arts to different groups (music students and teachers,  elderly people in care homes and early childhood, as well as in the field of mental health). She is the author of several musical stories and teaching materials for early childhood published by Bellaterra Music Ed.


Spring has a lesson for us

a strainghtforward invitation

to celebrate the indestructible

force for life.

There is no celebration without dance. And dance needs poetry, the language that praises life in motion. Let’s give our bodies what we have been deprived from during the pandemic – expanding in space and regaining a sense of freedom and belonging.

We look forward to enter the communal floor with you and do our first clumsy steps our guide will be gratitude to be united again.

Eva Bischofberger & Margo Fuchs Knill

Eva Bischofberger

Eva Bischofberger

Is a dance and expressive arts therapist. After working as a psychomotor therapist with children and parents, she became a dance therapist and taught in Zurich, Switzerland. 1992, she met Paolo Knill and started to teach at the Training Institute for art therapy in Zurich, where she became the director of the Institute during 10 years (in Co- directing with Brigitte Wanzenried) She taught in Finland, Germany, Danmark and for the last 15 years in Barcelona.

In Zurich, she works with groups with expressive dance and does one to one therapy in the method of intermodal expressive art.

Margo Fuchs Knill

Margo Fuchs Knill

Is a professor, psychotherapist, expressive arts professional and poet. She is the Dean of the Division Arts, Health and Society at EGS, and she is a member of the original Core Faculty of the European Graduate School (EGS). She was an Assistant Professor at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Margo Fuchs Knill works in private practice and teaches expressive arts internationally at training institutes in Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and the US. She is the author of numerous poetry books. Her latest book together with Sally Atkins is titled Poetry in Expressive Arts. Supporting Resilience through Poetic Writing.


Networking evening: Judith Alalú y José Miguel Calderón

It will be an open and dynamic space to expand the network between all the participants of the symposium. A moment for all the professionals who wish to share their expressive arts projects and exchange ideas.

If you would like to participate you can write to and Judith and José Miguel will guide you on how to procede.


Language:  Spanish / English

How to get:

Line 3 (towards Trinitat Nova) to Montbau station and walk about 8 minutes to Avenida del Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, 15, 08035 Barcelona Residencia Salesiana Martí Codolar. 

From the airport: Aerobus to Plaza España or Plaza Catalunya, link with metro Line 3 (towards Trinitat Nova) to Montbau station and walk about 8 minutes. 



For more information and registration:

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